How does a Lo Doc business loan work?

It works just like a normal Full Doc business loan; however our Low Doc Business Loans don’t require tonnes of documentation on past financial performance, etc. Lo Doc Business Loans are perfect for businesses that find difficulty to provide traditional banks with relevant financial records.

Can I get a Lo Doc line of credit?

No. We don’t offer lines of credit. Line of Credit loans tend to be a noose around the neck of small businesses as they are debts that never seem to be repaid. Our Low Doc Business loans are loans that are here to help you today; and are gone in a short space of time. […]

Are there types of Low Doc Business Loans?

Low Doc Business Loans can come in various forms, including unsecured loans based on creditworthiness, secured loans with collateral, merchant cash advances based on future credit card sales, invoice financing for advance payment of outstanding invoices, and asset-based loans using business assets as collateral.