What does Equity Release mean?

Property equity is the difference between the property’s value and mortgage owing. As an example, a $900,000 property with $300,000 mortgage owing has an equity of $600,000. Equity Release is borrowing against part of that available equity.

What is the cost?

Rates and costs are based on risk, plus we believe in personalising a rate that works for you. An obligation free loan proposal will be provided to you with the interest rate and costs CLEARLY listed for your consideration. Unlike many other business lenders, we don’t engage in ‘smoke and mirror’ tricks where they lure […]

How does an EQUITY RELEASE Business Loan work?

If you have a property (real estate security) that has sufficient equity, you can unlock the equity in your property and turn it into cash to support your business. The amount that you can release depends on how much your property is worth, and how much is currently owing on it. To apply, simply fill […]

How does a Lo Doc business loan work?

It works just like a normal Full Doc business loan; however our Low Doc Business Loans don’t require tonnes of documentation on past financial performance, etc. Lo Doc Business Loans are perfect for businesses that find difficulty to provide traditional banks with relevant financial records.