“The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best,
but legendary.”
– Sam Walton
How It Works

How we work with our clients

How we work with our clients is one of our biggest strengths. QUALITY SERVICE is what we are all about.  We are also all about delivering that service super fast.

We know our business clients come to us for one reason. That reason is they urgently need access to money for their business or property purchase.  As a specialist private business lender, this is all we do.  We arent brokers who are busy doing a lot of other things.

We are purely a short term caveat lender, and we pride ourselves on having the best service.  We are also proud to say that we are the most flexible private business lender.   We know things can change, so we stand ready to adapt to your needs, even after the loan is funded.

Step 1:
Receive and Evaluate

Once your caveat loan request has been received, our team of business lending experts start assessing straight away. We will then call you to discuss how much we can lend, the loan term you want, and the costs.

Step 2:
Loan Approval & Loan Contracts

As we are Australia’s fastest Caveat Lender, we can approve your loan within an hour. We then issue a Conditional Approval. Once you have accepted that, we do our final searches.  We then get loan contracts issued for you to sign.

Step 3:
Signing and Getting Funded

Once you have signed the loan agreement, our lawyer lodges the caveat on your security property and then we transfer the funds into your nominated account.  This generally takes 1 – 2 hours after we have received a scanned company of the loan contracts.   So from start to finish, your caveat loan is funded within 24 hours!


Why choose us

Quality Service

We have been funding short term caveat loans since 2004. We pride ourselves on having the best service in Australia.

We ARE The Lender

We lend off our own balance sheet so you know we have the funds, and there will be no delays, and your information stays within our 4 walls.

Friendly Caring Staff

We know business borrowing can be stressful, especially if you need it fast. Plus we also believe in fairness. With us, there are no hidden tricks or traps.


How can we help


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