We are #1 for Caveat Loans in Australia.  We were founded way back in 2004 by a group of passionate business people who saw a gaping hole in the world of business lending.

They saw business owners having to wait months to get access to funds, and having to jump through so many hoops. Often many of these business owners were still unsuccessful in getting the funding they needed.  This was all because they once had something minor like an overdue phone bill from a decade ago.

So they set out to change all that. Their mission was very simple -SPEED UP AND SIMPLIFY WHAT THE BANKS DO. That is to lend money to business owners, using the equity in their property, but do it FAST.

The big difference is, unlike the banks, at www.ShortTermCaveatLoans.com.au we don’t need cashflow evidence and financial records. We also don’t have an issue with poor credit history, tax debts or loan arrears. PLUS, we can fund you within 24 hours.

Since inception

$940 million

Amount funded since inception, and counting

Well over 3000

Businesses helped or saved (and growing daily)

Since 2004

We’ve been helping Australian Business Owners

Proudly Australian

Locally owned and operated in Australia


Over 5 millions households currently own (or are paying off) their own homes. Plus 1 million of the 5 million households also own one or more investment properties.

Despite this great news, so many business owners with real estate assets still find it near impossible to get the business funding they need.

For those who are fortunate to get approved, they often have to wait up to 3 months before they can access the funds.

The cause of the problem is since the GFC, banks have tightened their ‘cash-out’ policy on real estate. As a result, a market demand of $16 billion per year has been created by self-employed and company borrowers who wish to release equity from their real estate properties.

Sadly, doing this has been easier said than done.

However that’s where www.ShortTermCaveatLoans.com.au solves the problem.


Getting cash out of your property should be as easy as calling your Bank to refinance. However in reality, it is a painstaking process for business owners seeking to increase their current mortgage to release property equity.

In most of the cases, their application would eventually be declined, after being messed around for months.

The only other option for property owners to access the equity for their business was to sell the property. This is often not a desirable option, plus it will still take several months to do.
THE SOLUTION IS A SHORT TERM BUSINESS LOAN from www.ShortTermCaveatLoans.com.au which can be funded in 24 hours, using the equity in your real estate.

No financial records are required, we don’t do slow and expensive valuations, and credit checks are irrelevant.

Best of all, you can get an answer in just a few minutes, and we only require a couple of basic items of paperwork, and we can have you funded by the very next business day.

We are #1 for Caveat Loans in Australia, plus we fund a range of business loans to suit your needs.

Are We The Lender or a Broker?

WE ARE ACTUALLY THE LENDER. We have been lending our own money since 2004. As we are the lender and not a broker or intermediatory, we can offer lower costs, and faster service as there are no middle men.

Plus when we say “It’s Approved”, we mean IT’S APPROVED and we have the funds ready to go.

We are #1 for Caveat Loans in Australia

There are many caveat lenders out there, but none specialise in super fast business lending right across Australia.

We are almost the only caveat lender who will fund caveat loans ANYWHERE in Australia, and for almost any business purpose.

Plus as we are the lender, we don’t need to do valuations and we can fund you by the next business day.   No messing about, no excuses, no massive upfront fees. Just fast business funding when you need it most.