Thank you for trusting us with your information. We value that trust, and that’s why protecting your information, and being clear about how we collect, use, exchange and protect your information, is of huge importance and a vital part of our relationship with you.


Your privacy is important to us.  These Terms and Conditions outline how and its related companies, (“we / us / the Group”) collect, disclose, use, store or otherwise handle personal information. It is important to us that we manage your personal information securely and consistently with relevant legislation, including the Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth) (“Privacy Act”) as well as the Credit Reporting Privacy Code (where applicable).


This Policy explains:


  • The kinds of personal information (including credit-related information) we collect;
  • The purposes for which we collect this information;
  • How we manage the personal information that we collect about you;
  • How you can seek access to and correction of that information;
  • If necessary, how you can make a complaint relating to our handling of that information.
  • This policy is not limited to current customers or guarantors of customers (where applicable) – it relates to all other individuals who deal with us, whether in relation to the provision of credit or otherwise.


Collection from third party sources –     


We may collect personal information from someone other than you, and you may not be aware of the collection, when it is not reasonable or practicable to collect it from you, and it is available from:

  • other companies in our group that you may have dealt with
  • third parties like our business partners including brokers
  • our contractors and other representatives that you may deal with
  • third party platforms and services (such as services to access your bank statements, credit bureaus and social media)
  • our websites and how you use them
  • various parties listed under Disclosing personal information in our Privacy Policy.


Collection under law –  


We may be required to collect personal information by law.


Why we collect and hold personal information –             


We collect and hold personal information because:

  • It may needed to use in our business operations.
  • It could be required for other parties in connection with our business (including lenders and brokers).


The uses and disclosures we may make of personal information are detailed in our Privacy Policy.


Unavailability of personal information    If we cannot collect the information we need about you, we may not be able to supply the products or service you want.

Disclosing personal information               –

We may disclose personal information as reasonably required to lenders, brokers, contractors and suppliers whose goods and services that we use to operate our business and provide products, services and support to you, and to other parties detailed in our Privacy Policy.

Some of these parties may be based overseas, eg. USA, UK, NZ and Canada.


Access and correction –

Our privacy policy contains information about how you can access and seek correction of the personal information about you that we hold.


Complaints –     

Our privacy policy explains how you can complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles, and how we will deal with such a complaint.