How fast can I get a short term caveat loan?

– When you come to as our name suggests, WE ARE THE CAVEAT LOAN EXPERTS and we are also the fastest in the industry. – Complete the application form which takes only a couple of minutes to complete and you will receive a decision on your caveat loan application within minutes. – After your […]

How do I work out how much I can borrow on a caveat loan?

We will lend you up to 75% of the value of your security property. So if your property is worth $1 million, and you owe $550,000 to the ANZ Bank. Because of this we can lend you 75% of the $1m, less the amount owed to the ANZ Bank. So $1m x75% = $750k – […]

Do Caveat Loans settle faster than Second Mortgage Loans?

Caveat loans and second mortgage loans are very similar, however caveat loans are generally for a shorter term than a second mortgage. That’s about the only real difference with our caveat loans and 2nd mortgages. Unlike most other lenders, our caveat loans can be funded in 24 hours, just the same as our 2nd mortgages.

Who can apply for a caveat loan?

Any business owner with a registered ABN or ACN can apply for a business loan, provided the funds are being used for a business purpose and you have sufficient equity in real estate.