What are our services regarding short-term loans?

All of us, in this world, have a dream to chase, and having available funds play one of the essential roles in making such dreams come true. Especially when it comes to starting a business, it requires a substantial amount of money. And it often happens that these small businesses or the ones who are yet to start face difficulties in gathering the required funds. Also, many loan providers are unable to deliver them the required sum of finance effectively. Thus, being one of the most trustworthy private lenders in Australia, we look after all business owners, or anyone who requires finance for business related purposes. We extend our services in the following aspects most effectively.

First Mortgage Business Loan

We are the private lenders who offer loans of a substantial amount without any hesitation. And that, too, for as long as a term of 2 years. We respond to your application with a view to getting your funds in as little as 24 hours. You do not need to make payments during your term of the loan as fees and interest can be capitalised. Alternatively, if you wish, you have the option of paying us only the interest every month. Lastly, if you pay us early, we can rebate you interest that you do not use!

Second Mortgage Loan

We have been one of the most efficient private lenders in Australia, and the reason for that is that we offer funding to you for the second mortgage loan within a time span as short as 24 hours. Thus, often we tend to become the lifesavers for many companies, businesses, and others when it comes to obtaining a second mortgage loan.

Caveat Loans

We offer caveat loans up to $5000000, and funding such a large sum is difficult for many private lenders, but not for us! We offer you flexible loans so that you can acquire them according to your needs and requirements. We induce no hidden fees at all, nor do we demand an excessively high upfront sum. Also, you can pay us early to save on the interest.

Bridging Loans

We are the largest private lender in Australia, providing bridging loans most effectively and reliably. Because we offer you the chance to make flexible arrangements for paying us back, you need not pay us during the loan term as costs are capitalised.

Low Doc Business Loans

As one of the most proficient private lenders, we do not ask you to provide documents regarding full tax returns, financial statements, and sources of income verification. Unlike most other private lenders, this makes us the largest and the most efficient in extending loans.

Short Term Business Finance

The finances of this type play a crucial role in every business. Unlike the other private lenders, we capitalize the interest, which causes you not to pay anything during your term of the loan. We do understand it most that different businesses have different requirements. Thus, we extend our flexible loans to meet their needs, along with the facility of paying back early without any penalties so that they can save on the interest.

Equity Release Business Loans

It is no secret that numerous businesses are kept waiting, not responded to, and constantly questioned by the banks. This becomes a barrier in the pathway of their growth and expansion. And, this is when we offer solutions so that every business receives the finances they require to develop and flourish. All we need from you is the business purpose, equity in real estate security, and an exit strategy and nothing else to start the process.

Our services have been one of the most reliable ones in Australia and New Zealand. It is not just about being trustworthy; we take pride in our efficiency as well. We can fund your loan amount as fast as 24 hours. Our competitive rates are also unmatched and with several other facilities like the freedom of paying back early to save more, flexible amounts suiting your requirement, we have evolved to be one of the most renowned private lenders in Australia.