Grab Opportunities with Easy and simple loans for self-employed

Funding for self-employed people are loans that are available for individuals who are company directors, small business owners, or sole traders. This type of loan offers golden opportunities for the entrepreneurs with the help of capital that the traditional banks are offering less and less. For most self-employed individuals, these kinds of loans are an outstanding option. The self-employed funding is customized according to the situation and does not discriminate against anyone based on credit score or low documentation. We always encourage self-employed borrowers to get the required funds from our company to assist with the smooth running of their business.

Different types of Self-employed Financial Solutions

Below are six different types of loans available for self-employed business owners.

Home Loan

Nowadays, people in Australia are, self-employed individuals, or independent traders. Currently, over 1 million people are working on a contract basis, and almost 17% of the Australian population are self-employed. But getting a mortgage as a business owner can be difficult. Banks always need standard income proof documents for approval of a home loan. But offering affordable home loans for self-employed people is one of our passion, giving them the best chance to own their own home.

Personal Loan

Applying for a personal loan for independent business owners with traditional banks or a financial institution can be a disheartening and painful procedure. The latter demand business statements, documentation, and tax return papers, which self-employed people most of the time do not have. But in our company, we search for various ways to qualify and not reject the personal loan application of self-employed people. You can renovate or repair your home, go on a holiday or fulfill other purposes with the help of this capital.

Car Loan

To apply for a car loan with us, you will only need to submit documents to prove that you will be able to pay the loan back. Our expert team works hard to search for the best financial solution for buying a car for self-employed people. We also guide them through the entire process to make it easy and simple.

Equipment Loan

There is a high chance that you will require expensive technology and equipment while starting as a self-employed business owner to remain up-to-date and competitive. For instance, if you are a designer or a photographer, you will need great lenses, a camera, large memory, a highly configured computer, and more gadgets. Since you have to deliver high-resolution pictures by retouching and processing them, you require the latest software and hardware. But getting a loan for self-employed professionals from our organization is not at all complicated. We are always here to assist you with your endeavors by offering the best financial alternative for purchasing the updated equipment for your business.

Short Term Loan

There always comes a situation in a business where there is a shortness of cash flow. The circumstance becomes trickier if you are a self-employed person. Our organization will offer you short term funds to handle the current problems and finish the project at hand. You can pay us back the loan amount when your client pays you in full.

Startup Finance

If you have an outstanding idea for a start-up and are confident that it will be innovative and work brilliantly financially, then go ahead. We offer the best start-up loans for self-employed individuals so that they never hold back while embracing unique concepts or being exceptionally imaginative. We always encourage inventive and clever concepts which can convert into a solid business with our start-up funds.

How to Apply for a Self-employed loan?

You can apply to us for the self-employed loan in the following ways.

  • Fill out the contact form on our website or call us on the given number
  • Submit your requirements for the loan and answer some simple questions
  • We will check if all the documents are correct and sign the contract
  • You will receive the funds within three days to your bank account

So let us get started and contact us for personalized funding for your self-employed business.